Dark Nights Theatre

Murder Mystery Events

                          Role Play

Team Building, Training staff,  Character Building,

Life Enhancement, Confidence, Corporate Events,

Mystery Shoppers, Drama Workshops etc,

We can provide an opportunity for your people to learn and grow.

From sorting out difficult problems, dealing with complaints, handling difficult customers, or working together to resolve problems, our actors can play out all these situations to help your people gain the confidence to deal with the same situations in real life. 

We can then report back to you on how they coped.

For more information or to arrange one of these events-


            e mail- darknightstheatre@hotmail.co.uk




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Team Building Blackpool, Team Building Southpory, Team Building Leyland,

Team Building Liverpool, Team Building Manchester, Team Building Lancaster, Team Building Morecambe, Role Play Lancashire,

Mystery Shoppers lancashire, Mystery Shoppers Preston,

Mystery Shoppers Blackpool, Mystery Shoppers Southport, Mystery Shoppers Bolton, Mystery Shoppers Liverpool, Mystery Shoppers Manchester, Mystery Shoppers Lancaster, Mystery Shoppers Chorley,


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